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To: Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel, Governor Tom Wolfe, and the Federal EPA

Unsafe Drinking/Bathing Water in Pennsylvania Prisons

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Prisoners in Pennsylvania at State Correctional Institution-Mahanoy and SCI-Frackville are being forced to drink and bathe in visibly brown, smelly water. Direct sources state that this has been the case since August 23rd.

Sign this petition demanding that the water at both SCI-Frackville and SCI-Mahanoy is inspected and treated immediately.

"The water at both SCI-Frackville and SCI-Mahanoy should be inspected and treated immediately. Clean water is a basic right. Prisoners should not have their health destroyed because they broke the law. A life sentence should not be death sentence. Please make the health of these prisoners a top priority by issuing an inspection and treatment plan for the water systems at SCI-Frackville and SCI-Mahanoy."

Why is this important?

At SCI-Mahanoy, prisoners are allowed only three small cups of clean water throughout to day to drink with meals. This is about one-eighth of the daily water intake recommended by health professionals.

This water crisis is a hazard to the health and safety of all Pennsylvania prisoners. It is particularly dangerous for those prisoners living with already existing, untreated health problems. More than 6,000 prisoners in the state have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, yet have been refused treatment by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Please call:

John Wetzel
Department of Corrections Secretary

Tom Wolfe
Governor of Pennsylvania


Talking Points
• There are reports of visibly brown, smelly water that is undrinkable at SCI-Mahanoy and SCI-Frackville.
• This water crisis is a hazard to the health and safety of all PA prisoners.

• IMMEDIATELY investigate these reports.
• Give all prisoners a daily supply of bottled water immediately for drinking.
• Give prisoners access to clean water for showering and personal use.
Pennsylvania, United States

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