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To: Detention Center Bureau in Alexandria, Virginia

Prove Guccifer Lives

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Prove that Guccifer aka Marcel Lehel Lazar is alive and well by producing him publicly and in perfect condition. Lazar must give a statement himself. He alone will know the words to use to prove to us that it is him and that he is alive.

If it is a double or a fraud. We will know by his words.

Why is this important?

The US Government is attempting to hide and cover up the existence of Guccifer. He is a key player in the Clinton extravaganza and was murdered by them to keep him silent. The FBI is complicit in covering this up as well, to no ones surprise. The main stream media is involved in not reporting the truthful news and exposing that he has been murdered and his importance to the Clinton case, since he is the only reason we know any of it to begin with. We demand Guccifer.


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