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To: President Trump

Natural Resource POWER PLANT

Petition Text

I want an economic revolution. A change for a better future. The power of corporate control has done enough destruction. We deserve better. Taking half of the American income through taxes yet we see no solutions. Just more war and harm to our environment. Many people and organizations have fought for years on clean water, clean air and clean food but still we fight the same battle. No more fighting just aligning with whats best for our future generation. I want all giant corporations to take a stand in ending fossil fuels, deforestation and poisonous products!

Why is this important?

In order for humanity to thrive we have to be willing to change our destructive economy. Working with nature is the answer. Helping people while growing business should be the bottom line of any business. Allowing society to embrace healthy ways of living while living in luxury is possible. Power Plant has many great ideas of changing our world for the better. From paper to fuel to plastic, we can still go about our daily lives and have all the necessities its just time to support new resources and companies willing to do so.

How it will be delivered

I am in the works of renting out my home and fixing up an old 1986 RV to travel throughout America to gain more signatures. The plan is to hand deliver this petition to the president.