• Enforce Minimum Wage for Social Security and Welfare
    We have minimum wage laws that most businesses can't get away with violating. But the government can, and does. They will say "Because benefits aren't wages". But that is dodging the question of WHY we have minimum wage laws: humaneness, simple morality. We have laws protecting animals. Humans need to be protected too! The fact that so many people receive unconscionably low benefits, IF THEY GET THEM AT ALL!- (Another problem!)- - is a significant factor creating poverty, homelessness, illness, and an EPIDEMIC OF SUICIDES. NEITHER PARTY HAS CARED TO ADDRESS THIS FOR DECADES! SHAME ON B O T H PARTIES! They will say "We can't afford it!" But we can always afford bogus wars, and rich people pay ZERO tax for Social Security on income above $128,400, as of 2018! Stop the Wars, and make the rich pay their fair share! It is up to the American people to hold "our representatives" ' feet to the fire, or REPLACE THEM!
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    Created by Roger B.
  • Save Our VA - Rebuild the VA * Don't Privatize It!
    The failed Choice program has pushed hundreds of thousands of veterans out of VA hospitals & clinics into private care. Surveys show 80% of vets want VA care NOT private care. Trump & the Koch bros. want to close down the VA, sell off the hospitals & clinics, & send all vets to private care at a 30% higher cost to taxpayers than VA care. They intend to make billions in profits off sick vets.
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    Created by Buzz D.
  • Fight the Cassidy-Graham Bill (cutting Medicaid/killing Obamacare)
    The senators will see the urgency you share with millions of Americans that Obamacare and Medicaid not be taken away from the neediest. Every state head of Medicaid services is opposed to Cassidy-Graham. This is the last chance that the Republicans can have to pass this cruel bill. After September 28th it will take 60 votes. This week it takes only a majority.
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    Created by Margaret G.
  • Pressure Donald Trump to release his tax returns
    He said on the popular morning show Good Morning America that he fights “very hard to pay as little tax as possible.” His claim to wealth has also been called into question.The best way for this refusal to hurt his campaign is to get news outlets to cover the issue. Urge multiple highly popular news companies to step up their game and start seriously pressuring Donald Trump to release his tax returns.Trump is never going to release his tax returns unless there are consequences for not doing so. You have a responsibility to keep important political candidates like this honest. We demand that you start adequately covering Trump’s failure to release his returns and continue putting on the pressure until he does so. The future of the entire nation is at stake.
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    Created by shawn b.
  • Don't let Medicare impose "Competitive Bidding" for wheelchairs in Connecticut
    Working more efficiently will save Medicare by not wasting funds on repeated appointments. The disabled patients that Medicare is supposed to be helping will be supplied with the necessary equipment to live their lives with dignity. Since Medicare is paying for these unnecessary repeat appointments the money spent on them could go to the equipment instead. They have competitive bidders that don't supply the equipment listed which needs immediate attention!
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    Created by Robert O.
  • Seniors Thrown Under the Bus in the ACA
    To get justice and equity for those who've earned it. We are subsidizing the insurance companies on our backs. The first page of the ACA tells us we can not qualify. We are denied from the get-go. HELP! This is elder abuse.
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    Created by Russ D.